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Homecoming Highlights

Tristan Rayandayan, News Editor

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October. The grades are rolling in, athletics are in the heat of competition, everyone is settling into the new school year, and yet only one thing is on everyone’s minds: Homecoming. But before the anticipated night can unfold, festivities and events take place at school in the week prior. On the night of the Homecoming game, our fellow Mauraders in the crowd are hyped up by spectacular performances from our school.

The pre-game show is performed by MMHS’s illustrious Sapphire Sound, our very own marching band renowned for performing in last year’s Rose Bowl Parade. Practices have been going on since summertime to prepare for the homecoming performance, with rigorous hours of hard work put in every day for the game and future performances alike. The Sapphire Sound is a formidable team that sacrifices precious time everyday to bring out the very best for our school. Drumline performer Janelle Ravarra, Sophomore, expresses her growth from last year, stating that “It’s been less nerves and more confidence in what we’re doing.” Janelle is excited for upcoming events, which include implementing new segments into practice and an upcoming Wind ensemble that will be representing our school in Washington D.C..

The Homecoming game is known for its halftime parade, in which various clubs march with floats, banners, and costumes to promote their purposes and gain new members. Planning for the parade was rushed and fast-paced. Despite the hectic preparation, the clubs (including Interact Club, Key Club, and Student Council) pulled through and put on a show to remember. Khang Tong, a Senior, is the president of People Who Serve (PWS), a club that is dedicated to volunteering in the local community and eating food with friends at lunch. Participating in the parade for the first time, Khang says it was refreshing “getting to see the crowd from the parade’s perspective and hyping it up.” Seeking to return to its roots, PWS may be undergoing a name change in the near future, but you should not be fooled. The club seeks to participate in more volunteering, food-eating, and welcoming of newcomers in the months to come. Meetings are in room B-24 on Tuesdays during lunch.

After the game itself, one performance stands as the last beacon for the excitement surrounding Homecoming. The post-game lazer light show is a luminous event that sets the tone and gets the crowd moving with upbeat music and dazzling visuals. The Associated Student Body (ASB) has a committee dedicated to planning school events like spirit week, lunch activities, and Homecoming itself. The ASB plans the effects in the show, from the fog-machine to the lazer sequences representative of the four different grade levels. Michael “Mikey Gomez , Junior, is part of the ASB planning committee and states that Homecoming itself was a success. Despite a tight schedule, everything was set in motion accordingly for the night of our lives. As for future events, Mikey is already planning ideas like “the Hunger games for Homecoming” and the Great Outdoors for the Welcome Back Dance.” Keep an eye out for ASB and their upcoming plans this year!

We may have suffered a defeat with a 14-45 loss at the football game against the Point Loma Pointers, but we had plenty of our own victories. Grand showcases from our student community, masterful event planning led by Mr. Spurlock, and lively reception from our Marauder audience truly made for a stellar night. Thanks to the combined efforts of MMHS’s different groups, Homecoming week was something to remember for sure. Whether you went to the dance or not, the Marquee staff hopes you had a wonderful time nonetheless. Catch you next time, Marauders!

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Homecoming Highlights