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Fall Showcase

Tristan Rayandayan

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Marauder spirit is ecstatic as the rumble of speakers reverbs throughout the auditorium. The beat of the bass hums steady, yet the roar of countless audience members in the crowd are even louder as they cheer for our very own MMHS Dance Team. Having won numerous awards and accolades in both national and international competitions alike, our Dance Team is a force to be reckoned with. When they’re not in heated competitions during the early school season, our dancers look forward to the annual Fall Showcase, a performance that introduces the dancers and their talents through various routines. 2016’s showcase was chocked full of excitement, with dancers, students, parents, and staff all eager to see what our team had to offer.

Members of the Marauder family watched on from the crowd as the team and its various divisions strutted their stuff. Performance teams included introduction, all-male, all-female, class dances, as well as some small group and individual routines. The crowd’s roar was continuous as they saw friends and peers on the showcase floor. One team member’s parent remarked, “She’s really a different person from what I know at home… I am proud of [her].” Sophomore Victoria “Tori” Cone expressed her excitement for both her own performance and those of her teammates: “It’s tiring but I feel really good because it’s just something that I love to do… This year, it’s quality over quantity. The kids this year have a lot of potential in them and they really love what they do.” The cheers for Tori were plenty in number, yet they were only a small piece in the monstrous praise given by the crowd.

For many members of the team, 2016 was the last showcase of their high school careers. Despite the melancholy in this realization, Dance Team’s seniors kept their heads up high. Senior Cedric Josefat commends the team’s effort, saying, “The team really did well. We gave it our all with all of work we’ve put in until now.” He addressed incoming members in the future, advising them, “Get ready for a good experience and a fun time.”

Likewise, senior Isabelle Castillo addressed future members planning to join, promptly saying that she wanted to see “a lot of new faces and a lot of new people that I want to join the team.” With the seniors departing soon and new incomers expected to join in the future, our current newbies have already shown their capability in both showcase and competition.

Freshman Anthony Hoang feels confident as a member of the team: “I’ve shown my family and my friends what I can do, and it’s gotten better for me.”

Much lies in store for the MMHS Dance Team. With competition season on the rise in January, they must prepare for the rigorous trek ahead. Through the long bus rides to competitions and the late after-school hours of practice, the team’s passion, dedication, and family ties will only strengthen as they work to represent our school and make a stunning impression to all. Whether you see them on campus during school or on a stage performing, be sure to give our Dance Team a well earned applause!

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Fall Showcase